Jake's Big White Blog - Week 1: Arrival to Canada

Calendar December 8th, 2010

Seasonaire Spotting, brought to you by Air Canada

Nothing quite prepares you for the initial tidal wave of information and action that is the first week of life as a seasonaire, and especially not with EA. You can pack your thermals and put on your helmet (advised) but in the end it’s a ride that has to be experienced to be believed. Upon arrival at the airport the pioneer spirit of leaving on a solo journey to a far off land quickly leaves you as you encounter a raft of various other breeds of seasonaire, to whom I will now introduce you: The first type we meet is the Flying-By-The-Seat-Of-His-Pants-Guy, who is distinguished by his intent on winging it to Canada on a whim and a dream, and to hell with the consequences. No visa, no job, no plan, it takes a certain kind of someone to pull this off, but for the most part, FBTSOHPG is there to enjoy the ride. Next up is the intermediary, BUNACers (BUNAC being the good folks that sort out visas). These folks have had the nous to apply early for a visa, but are looking forward to a limited field when it comes to finding the job that will see you through the season.

Your final one (or the final one encountered our flight from Heathrow to Vancouver) is your smart, savvy and intelligent EAer (no, not the things on your head). I could think of a whole bunch of adjectives with positive connotations to describe these erstwhile travellers but the main point to note is a passion for the snow, whether it be skiing or snowboarding, that has lead them on a path to chase the dream of actually being paid to ski. Visas or no visas (mine arrived on my Blackberry upon landing, too close for comfort! And our non-visa’d friends and future colleagues can look forward to a day trip to the U.S border), the intrepid EAer is actively taking steps, whatever the cost, to enjoy the luxury of joining the instructing fraternity.

The past few days have been hectic to say the least, jet lag taking its toll on the body, and ski equipment on the wallet. However as I sit here the opulent surroundings of the Copper Kettle Lodge in Big White, I feel safe in the knowledge that it won’t be a case of Grand Blanc in this part of British Columbia this winter, just a lot of snow, a lot of ‘eh’s’ and a lot of fun.