A season in Canada as a ski instructor - Glenn Watson - Blog 1

Calendar December 8th, 2014

Glenn Watson is heading off this winter to join the team at Cypress Mountain Resort in Canada as an EA Ski instructor. He will be blogging about his season and giving us the inside word on how the season rolls out. Check it out here...

Hello there, if you’re reading this then you will either be considering an adventure with EA or you've already got your place and just keeping track of the life(nightlife) in Vancouver. Hopefully for you its the latter of the two.

Just a little introduction about myself; my name is Glenn, I’m 21 years old and I'm from South West, England, a tiny little village that not many people know about. I finally finished my job last week, where I worked as a Fitness Instructor and lifeguard. Good fun, but I just needed something a little more exciting in my life. This is where EA come in and I will doing their ski instructor internship. The idea of being outdoors enjoying the snow and being able to ski all season is my main priority right now. That’s why I chose to approach EA about the internship. Getting the level 1, earning money and meeting new people all seemed so appealing to me.

So my first update is on how am I feeling pre-season. Excited is probably my only feeling at this moment and probably has been for a while now. Nothing else even comes close to the excitement i’m experiencing right now. Well actually the hatred for my bag is pretty close. What do I take, what don't I take and why the hell is it so small and yet so heavy?! A few more packing and unpacking sessions are on the to do list for the next couple of days. As I write this the staff at Cypress Mountain are preparing for opening day which is apparently this Saturday. Nuts! I can't wait to get on my new skis and just let go. I haven’t really felt nervous or apprehensive yet but I’m sure as I take my seat on the plane and get comfy it will finally hit me and I’ll have a huge heart attack or something. EA have been great help with everything, from sorting flights, to visa’s to accommodation. Meaning that it’s been quite an easy ride so far, the most stressful moment being deciding on which coat to buy.

I am currently in the middle of saying my goodbyes to everyone including my mum, who dropped me up in London to my friend’s place a couple days ago. All I can say is be prepared for a whole lot of tears and hugs from your mum. Spending the week with my boys before flying is only making me more excited. I’m sad to leave them behind but its hilarious to see how jealous they are. My dad and bro are heading up in a couple of days for a few last beers and to take me to the airport which is proper handy.

Only a few more sleeps, parties and goodbyes before I head off for an unforgettable season. I’ll actually have to look after myself, which I’m sure will be interesting!!

Speak soon,

To find out more about the full season internship Glenn is doing, click here. Or get in touch with the team at EA to ask any questions you might have about getting your share of Canadian powder next winter!