A season in Switzerland - Georgia Carter - Blog 1

Calendar November 18th, 2014

Georgia Carter is another lucky soul who is off to train and work as an EA ski instructor in Switzerland! Her internship includes pre-season training, a level 1 exam, then a guaranteed job offer (on completion of exam) for a ski instructor job for the winter season at Grimentz Zinal resort! Check out her blog here on the lead-up to to arrival....

My Swiss dream is getting super close now; I’m leaving in less than 15 days... I really should be more organised by now.

My name is Georgia, I’m 18, and from Australia, however I will be travelling to Switzerland from London because that is where I have been spending my time since March this year. I graduated School in Queensland last year, and the plan was to start university in February 2015. However all aspirations of furthering my education (for now), have gone out the window, as my gap year slowly but surely seems to be morphing into a gap life.

I began my applications for job hunting in the Alps in about July, and was applying for anywhere and anything that seemed viable... so not a chef, ‘cause I could kill someone! So after writing a million and one cover letters and receiving a million and one rejections I decided if worst comes to worst, I would fly to a resort in November and give out myapplications by hand until I got a job. I didn’t care what it took, I just wanted to spend November till April skiing my little heart out.

Somewhere in those million and one applications, I’d forgotten that I had applied for an EA instructor scholarship, so when I received a partial scholarship for Grimentz-Zinal it was the kind of surprise where you keep thinking that they’re going to ring up and apologise for making a mistake. I haven’t received the call, so I think its pretty safe to say I’m booked out until April! Goodbye chalet maid, I’m going to be a ski instructor!!

A ski season is on my bucket list, it has been one of my life dreams since forever. I’ve been lucky enough to have a Mum and Dad who live to ski. I first hit the baby slopes of southern Australia, at six years old and since then I’ve skied in Japan, France and Italy. I can’t explain how excited I am for this season, it’ll be my first, and in no way my last, I am just ready for this part of my life to start.

All I have left to do is find a housemate who can cook, and some skis…. I need skis.

If you want to be in Georgia's shoes (or skis) this time next year, get in touch with the team at EA now to learn more about the full season EA ski and snowboard internships!