A winter in Japan – Lee Davies Jones – Blog 2

Calendar December 15th, 2014

Lee is one of the lucky EA interns heading to the deep powder of Japan’s Northern Island Hokkaido for the winter, to train and work as a ski instructor at Club Med Sahoro Resort. He talks us through touching down in the land of the rising sun, and the start of training!

Outside Imperial Palace

Well, after a fairly long flight our group touched down in Tokyo to begin our little adventure! After getting settled at our hotel we went out into the local area where I had my first taste of traditional Japanese cuisine, in the form of Ramen noodles, which turned out to be pretty damn good :)
This was then followed by an entertaining night of karaoke, where the group got to have a few laughs as we found out who could sing and who sounded like a strangled cat. The second day in Tokyo was spent seeing more sights and visiting the outskirts of the Imperial Palace before having another great meal in the evening. I'd like to give a big thanks to Sam, Douglas and Eryn for making those first couple of days entertaining.

Outside Matsumoto Castle

Upon arriving in Hakuba, we were taken to our accommodation at Monkey Rider, where we all settled into our accommodation for the coming weeks of our Level 1 course. Unfortunately the weather conditions weren't great for us as there was no snow for the first two weeks. This meant that we had to practice our instructing on the car park of one of the slopes!

We had a few scheduled days off and I made the most of them by visiting both Matsumoto Castle which was awesome and the snow monkeys, which turned out to just be monkeys (due to no snow) lol.

Fortunately we had a huge dump of snow a couple of days before our test week, which meant we could get some valuable time on snow to get our ski legs back and with 'Seabass' from Hakuba Snowsports as my trainer and examiner, my skiing has had a good improvement even with the limited time on snow. As I write this our final day of test week beckons and tomorrow evening I'll find out if I have done enough to achieve a Level 1 pass, fingers crossed.

If you are keen to take a break from study or work, training to become a ski instructor could be a great option for you! A chance to travel, meet new people and have an epic winter! Learn more about EA internships and training programs here.