A winter in Japan – Lee Davies Jones – Blog 3

Calendar January 22nd, 2015

Lee is one of the lucky EA interns based in the deep powder of Japan’s Northern Island Hokkaido for the winter, to train and work as a ski instructor at Club Med Sahoro Resort. He talks us through training, sitting the Level 1 exam.. and everything that follows!

Blog 3: EXAMS!

The exam week was over as quickly as it started. My main worry for the week was the 'teach' aspect, especially if I was given a children's lesson scenario.......and as I picked that piece of paper out of the hat....BAM!! Kids lesson! I was one of the last few to do my lesson on the day as well which didn't help with regards to the daunting wait most people experience leading up to an exam.

Luckily, I was relatively happy with my lesson and as I opened up my letter the following day, I was pleased to see a 'PASS' mark in all columns of my assessment sheet!

We didn't have much snow early in the season which I believe was a blessing in disguise as which made us focus more on the theory behind lessons, and the instructions and feedback I received during the course all helped me to be prepared for that final week.

I am now six weeks into my season as a Ski Instructor with Club Med Hokkaido and it's going pretty well. I've experienced a good range of students from those first time beginners to those that can already parallel ski and an even wider variety of characters...some can be quite difficult haha :)

Some days can be long but they are enjoyable as I'm quite a sociable person anyway. The average day consists of your morning and afternoon ski classes, a couple of hours to yourself in the afternoon, before heading back to the hotel for dinner with some of the guests and after that it's to the bar to mingle with guests and get the atmosphere going before and after the nightly show (some of which are really impressive!)

The other bonus is that there is a great group of people here, who are friendly and helpful and make the time here enjoyable.

My highlight of the season so far has been my first experience of skiing through some of the trees in Sahoro Resort, which adds a whole other set of challenges to your skiing and I'm looking forward to doing it again and getting my skill levels even higher :)

If you're keen to push your ski or boarding skills, surround yourself with fun people and experience living in Japan for a winter, check out our internship options here at resorts all over Japan! This could be you this time next year...