A winter season in New Zealand – Lucy Jensen – Blog 2

Calendar June 24th, 2014

Lucy is part of the team who are training to become EA ski instructors at Mt Hutt, New Zealand this winter. Check out her latest update on arriving in New Zealand....

Arriving in New Zealand for the first time today was unreal. We met up with a few of the EA crew at the Queenstown airport and they showed us our hotel where we met everyone else. There are a lot of names to remember, but it seems like we’re lucky to have such a cool crew of people this season! The country is one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen with a remarkable landscape. I cannot wait to get on the slopes!

The first day in town, a group of us went out on a boat ride called shot over jet which speeds up and down the narrow canyon. A few of the guys even went bungee jumping. That night we went out on the town and got to know everyone, and got to check out the cool Queenstown scene. Definitely worth checking out!

The next day we had a long drive ahead of us to Methven. The views that we saw on the drive only got me more and more excited to arrive. None of us knew quite what to expect. By the time we arrived at the house in Methven the night had fallen so we still didn’t know quite what we had gotten ourselves into. By the next day the sky was clear and we got to see the mountain from town. In just a few days time we will be up there training for our level one exam!

Below: The whole crew in Methven from left to right: Max, Dan, Steff, Jason, Jen, me, Tom, Megan, Patrick, Andrew, Dave, Alex, Matt, and Tam the handsome Scottish gentleman

The Kiwi season sounds like it's off to a good start with Mt Hutt leading the way for snow so far! Keen to find out more about a season in New Zealand? Click here for more info...