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Calendar February 1st, 2012

Jess’s third Ski Instructor course blog update from Banff – Free-Skiing on Christmas day, Instructor keg parties and epic powder days. Jess is making the most on her Ski instructor course in Banff Canada with style!

Jess is on EAs Instructor Internship with guaranteed job offer

[caption id=\"attachment_4492\" align=\"aligncenter\" width=\"560\" caption=\"Christmas day at Norquay\"]\"Ski[/caption]

Hello and happy 2012!

Since my last update loads has been going on; Christmas, New Years, my first lessons, powder days and new skis to name just a few.

Christmas day in Banff was awesome, it was my first ever white Christmas and the first time I’ve ever skied Christmas day. AND it snowed all day! Although I was technically working, nobody really seemed to want ski lessons on Christmas day so I spent the day free-skiing and chilling out in the day lodge. Good times.

For new year’s, the EA house decided to throw yet another house party. As usual it was crazy, and we all felt very Canadian drinking out of our red cups and playing beer pong! Luckily, teaching new year’s day was just as quiet as Christmas, and I managed to get away with sitting in the lodge for a good part of the day with a big cup of coffee.

[caption id=\"attachment_4495\" align=\"aligncenter\" width=\"560\" caption=\"Ski School Keg Party\"]\"Banff[/caption]

So I’ve been teaching skiing for a month now, and it’s getting loads easier! We were definitely thrown in at the deep end, starting our careers as instructors over Christmas which is by far the busiest time of year for the ski school. Boxing day and the week following were crazily busy, but we all picked up teaching super quickly and as a group we’ve had some amazing feedback from clients. I’ve taught 3-year olds to 50-year olds, complete beginners to parallel skiers, and every combination in between!

Now that the Christmas rush has died down, the majority of our work is with kids from the surrounding areas who come up for school skiing programs. The programs kicked off last Saturday, with 400 kids arriving at Norquay at 10am.

Obviously it was pretty hectic, but with a lot of patience and hard work everything went well, and now we’re running a tight ship on the weekends!

As a thank you for such an awesome Christmas period and start to the school programs, Gord, our ski school director, arranged a party. Again, the EA house hosted (we seem to host a lot of parties) and Gord arranged for a keg of beer to be delivered to the house, which, for people from outside North America, is 58.7 litres! Clearly the night was a good one, and everyone was on less than full form at work the next day…

The snow has been epic over the past couple of days, and I’ve been enjoying riding my first ever pair of “sensible skis” – some stiff all mountain/carving skis, rather than the super flexible twin tips I’m used to. I’ve also taught my most memorable lesson this week; ripping up the powder on blue and black runs, going through the trees, off jumps and skiing moguls for two hours – we all had a blast! And the best part is that I’ve got the same kids every week for the next month or so!

Things to look forward to now include the new terrain park which has just opened, featuring a 45ft kicker! My aim is to hit it by the end of the season, so I’ll keep you posted. We also have the “cardboard sled derby” this Friday night, as well as night skiing at Norquay, plus tomorrow is Australia day. So it’s going to be a busy week!