Becoming a ski and snowboard instructor one season! Hugh McRae – Blog 2

Calendar December 19th, 2014


One of the internships EA Ski & snowboard training offer is a ‘Dual Cert’ meaning you can train to become a ski and a snowboard instructor in the same season! This makes you one of the most useful people on a ski school team. Follow Hugh McRae's season at Big White Resort in Canada to get both tickets and work for the season as an instructor!

I touched down in Vancouver and moved quickly through customs. Upon exciting the airport, I was met by pouring rain and an EA representative. The EA rep was standing next to a STRETCHED limousine. Holy schmokes, that made up for the rain.

Driving around Vancouver it didn't seem all that different from Melbourne; the houses were the same, they had Subway, Starbucks, and an abundance of trees. But once the limo pulled into downtown, oh boy. By this time the sky had opened up and I could see over the harbor. Beyond the yacht-filled body of water lay snow capped mountains. I think I've found my new favorite city. Sorry, Melbourne.


Next stop: Big White
Arriving at Big White was pretty exciting. By this time the group had really started to click. We were getting on really well with lots of good banter. We’d flown into Kelowna, which was a town surround for miles by Mountains. We jumped straight in a bus and straight up to Biggy.

After a few days to settle into our accommodation and find our way around the resort, we started training. I was quite rusty to begin with, but being surrounded by skiers who were all better than me, I was forced to step up. On top of that, there was the actually training. I saw a massive improvement in my skiing even within the first 3 days.
And now after 12 days of on snow training I’m feeling more confident about my exam! Hopefully all goes well!

If you want to follow in Hugh's footsteps and get qualified in both ski and snowboard training, get in touch with the team at EA to see if you could qualify for this highly recommended full season program, including training, exams and a guaranteed job offer!