Becoming a ski and snowboard instructor one season! Hugh McRae - Blog 1

Calendar November 20th, 2014

One of the internships EA Ski & snowboard training offer is a 'Dual Cert' meaning you can train to become a ski and a snowboard instructor in the same season! This makes you one of the most useful people on a ski school team. Follow Hugh McRae, from Melbourne Australia, as he heads off to Big White Resort in Canada to get both tickets and work for the season as an instructor!
[caption id="attachment_9485" align="alignright" width="600" caption="I found this sticker on my door I got from a ski shop 10 years ago. I think I was destined to go to Big White."][/caption]

In December 2012, with my final year at school complete, my family and I were discussing what I could possibly do with the rest of my life. The usual stuff got bounced around. I could go on to do further study at university. I could work in my dad’s business. I could be an apprentice of some trade. Blah blah blah! All boring normal stuff.

Then, someone suggested the idea of travelling overseas to become a ski or snowboard instructor! My eyes lit up and just thinking about it brought an uncontrollable smile to my face. I could just imagine it; the white snow, rolling hills and, above all, the friendly people that always seem to be at every ski resort. But after a bit of discussion we all came to the conclusion that it just wouldn't be feasible. It would be too much effort to find a job overseas, with no contacts and in such a short time-frame. Alas, my dreams of chasing snow were put on hold and I started a Commerce degree.
[caption id="attachment_9486" align="alignright" width="600" caption="With my mates in Aus"][/caption]

Earlier this year, a friend of a friend told me she had spent a season in Canada as a ski instructor. By the end of the conversation my desire to work in the snow was reignited. So I went home and did some research and, got in contact with EA Ski & Snowboard Training. They seemed to know what they were doing and provided the quickest path to being a ski instructor. Soon enough I had organized to do a Dual Certificate (both skiing and snowboarding) in Big White, British Columbia! EA have been so amazingly supportive in the lead-up to the trip. Helping me with flights, visa applications, gear advice and everything else you need to get sorted to spend 6 months in another country.

So in 10 days I’ll be leaving sunny Melbourne for cold Vancouver! And then to the mountains for some fresh pow…

If a EA Dual Cert full season internship sounds like something you'd be keen on, get in touch with the team at EA to see if you could qualify for this highly recommended full season program, including training, exams and a guaranteed job offer!