Becoming a ski instructor - Blog 1

Calendar November 29th, 2013

EA partial scholarship winner Craig Tyner is heading out to Cypress Mountain in Vancouver where he will will receive training, qualification and work as a ski instructor as part of EA's ski instructor course.

Check out his first blog below!

The weather in Vancouver when I arrived. Couldn’t imagine why they call it “RaincouverVancouver

Hi! I’m Craig, and I’ll be your guide on my journey through the adventure of learning to become a ski instructor!

In May, I arrived in Vancouver with a friend I went to college with in the hopes of gaining some work experience with the added bonus of seeing the other side of the world! I’ve been to Toronto when I was a wee lad but the sights of Vancouver just blew me away when I arrived! I actually sent my application to EA once I arrived, and having that foresight and optimism really paid off in the end. I found work in a recycling plant sorting through beer cans and broken bottles (glamorous, I know) for a few months, before receiving my acceptance email from EA Adventures, saying I’d also gained a partial scholarship! Needless to say, I was quite enthusiastic about the job.

Why a ski instructor?
I’ve had a fair amount of ski experience, taking a ski trip with my family for a week every year for the last decade or so, and was always so jealous of the instructors and their carefree lifestyle, though I never thought I’d have the opportunity to become one myself. Although the past couple of years I’ve been using my time on those trips to learn how to snowboard, so I’m a bit nervous about learning how rusty my ski-legs have gotten. When I applied for the job, it was one of many emails I sent looking for outdoors, active, and fun employment, and am thrilled they asked me to document the journey! I was an active part of my archery and parkour clubs in college, and have always been enthusiastic about learning new skills and improving the ones I have.

Looking forward to . . .
Honing my own skills, teaching some nervous ski-newbies and tearing up the snow for the first time on this side of the Atlantic. Also making it through the season in one piece.

A view of the mountains from the Vancouver – Vancouver Island FerryBeautiful

Why EA?
They’re website and support services are far-and-away the most helpful of the ski programs I researched. I almost happened upon the program by accident while looking into summer camp jobs, and EA have been nothing but helpful throughout the process with reminders, emails, and a patient, knowledgeable team to back you up on any questions I might have. The peace of mind that comes with having a guaranteed job once you pass your test is really irreplaceable.

The one thing you can’t leave behind . . .
Woolly socks. Lots and lots of woolly socks.
I move to the hostel tomorrow to meet with the other trainees, and can’t wait for the job to start! Cypress mountain apparently opened up just today, so fingers crossed it’ll be an awesome winter!