Becoming a Ski Instructor - Craig Tyner - Blog 2

Calendar December 10th, 2013

Check out the latest update from Craig Tyner currently based in Vancouver for training, qualification and work as a ski instructor as part of EA’s instructor course:

So. We’ve completed our orientation, and just had around 5 days of solid skiing and teaching practice, so during a well-earned rest-day I took the opportunity to take a day trip to Seattle (a mere 4 hours away from Vancouver by one of the many buses that go to and fro every day).


Nice place! Not as nice as Van, but it’s so much bigger than anything at home in Ireland. I only had a chance to walk around downtown and see all the regular tourist-traps, but I really enjoyed what I saw! Highly recommended, though from what I hear, the outlet malls are impressive in their own right.

A view of the Vancouver Science Museum from the Cambie Bridge


Anyways, back to the main event: skiing! We’ve had a nice amount of ski instructing to bring us up to the level where we can actually instil a sense of confidence in our classes (because no-one wants to be stuck with a teacher who doesn’t know what they’re doing).

But the thing that sets this program apart is the teaching practice. We’re really getting into the part of the job I think will really make a difference in future job prospects. How to deal with children, and how they’re different to adults, all the different teaching practices between Cypress and the CSIA (the Canadian ski instructors association), and an entire textbook of technique-refining notes, all feel like they’re about to bury you in information. Luckily, we’ve a great instructor who’s made great pains to make the whole process as stress-free as possible.

I’m sure we’ll have nothing to worry about. Our test for the level 1 certification is over three days starting the 14th of this month; so hopefully, by the time you hear from me again, I’ll be a fully certified ski instructor! !

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