Becoming a ski instructor – Craig Tyner – Blog 4

Calendar January 6th, 2014

Based at Cypress, Vancouver, Craig Tyner is a few weeks into his EA internship to become an internationally recognised Ski instructor. See his latest update below:

Boom! Done! Level one officially certified CSIA (Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance) ski instructor! Come on down to Cypress Mountain and ask for Craig! Really, please come on down. It means I’ll get more work hours. Which is always nice.

Anyways, yeah so I completed the exam this weekend. It was fairly nerve-wracking, but at the same time, our instructor made sure we were completely at ease, since the difference between the training days and exam days was pretty much in name only. It was pretty much the same as the 15 days previous, except we had a presentation afterwards. And now we have a shiny badge to go with our work jackets! Our work jackets which we should have by tomorrow so that we can feel like real instructors, instead of just feeling bad standing next to all the expert skiers who’ve been here for several years. Yes I feel slightly inadequate, but it’ll pass once I’ve taught a few classes and have some kind of idea what I’m actually doing.

[caption id="attachment_7739" align="aligncenter" width="435" caption="Outside our apartments in North Van this morning. First snow-dump in about 2 weeks."]Outside[/caption]

So we have had a day of shadowing more experienced trainers, and we start the job proper on Saturday. Hopefully there should be a huge amount of lessons, since it’s the first big school-holiday-winter-weekend, and the last weekend before Christmas.

On a related note: CHRISTMAAAASSSSSS!

So it’s going to be interesting trying to teach our first lesson while trying to find a spare spot on the mountain. So far this season there hasn't been much snow in Cypress, so fingers crossed that changes!

I’ve also heard that the snowboarders' teacher will be starting another level 1 course for the skiers, in case they’d like to be dual-certified, which I would definitely be interested in, so I’ll be telling you how that goes when/if it starts.

[caption id="attachment_7735" align="aligncenter" width="411" caption="A day out for brunch with some of the other EA Interns"]A[/caption]

But overall, I’m seriously looking forward to working, improving my skiing, meeting new people, and getting this job underway!

If you are keen to get your own share of powder like Craig, click here to find out more about ski and snowboard courses, or get in touch with the team at EA to have a chat.