Becoming a ski instructor – Craig Tyner – Blog 6

Calendar February 4th, 2014

Craig Tyner is currently living the dream doing a winter season at Cypress, Vancouver. Check out his latest news on the EA Ski instructor course:

Needless to say, teaching is an absolute blast! Children and adults, Vancouverites and visitors, girls and boys, we get the chance to teach them all and see the specific differences in how to teach them all. What works, what doesn’t work, and the different learning types that mean they’ll be back soon to come see us again!

Recent lesson:
So just last weekend, I was one of the instructors on Cypress’ Learn To Ski and Ride Camp, which is a 2-day, 4-lesson deal, and was splitting the never-ever skiers with another instructor. It was clear after one lesson that one of the 8 adult participants was not as athletic as the others. We split the class into a group of 7 and the remaining student, who got private tuition to bring them up to speed. We stayed working through the exercises, switching instructor every other lesson.
She was so grateful; she left the both of us a small note of thanks, and a wee tip. It’s a small token of appreciation, but it makes such a massive difference when instructors can be seen as mere babysitters at the worst of times. I was smiling for the rest of the week!

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Work/Life balance:
I’ll be honest; this is a full-time job that requires us to be present at whatever time based on demand and the weather. We get up at six to catch the bus to work at 7, so any late nights are immediately regretted upon learning that the teacher needs to be ready and enthusiastic to take on a lesson of (potentially never-before) skiers at 8.30 in the morning! We either come home at 5.45 or 8.45 if we’ve been given a late shift. These are long days, and it means energy needs to be saved for when its needed!
There’s been more than one occasion when an individual has overexerted themselves in the “Life” part of the work/life balance, and the work suffers because of it!!

I’ve had the opportunity to go for walks around Vancouver on my days off, but for the most part, days off are spent relaxing, and/or running all the errands that need to be ran. Fun days out do happen, but they’re organised in advance, and since everyone has difference shifts, they happen either on holidays, or need to be close to the house so some people can head to bed early.

Do I feel like a local?
I’ve been in the country for the best part of 8 months now, so I feel like I’ve got a lot more local knowledge than most of the other interns. I’m familiar with the greater Vancouver area, and speaking of . . .

Favourite part of the area:
Stanley Park. Hands down. Close to the apartment and easily the prettiest place in a beautiful city. A walk around the seawall is a healthy workout, close to downtown, and can clear your head even on the cloudiest of days.

That’s all that I can think of at the moment. Fun days of skiing followed by nights of sleep and friends to help each other along the way. Really, what more could we ask for? Everyone at Cypress is a pleasure to work with.

One more thing . . . check this out...

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If you're ready for a challenge this winter, ready to make friends for life, and live the happiest winter of your life check out here for more info on ski instructor courses or get in touch with the team at EA to talk through any questions you might have.