Becoming a ski instructor in Canada – Josh Stolton – Blog 2

Calendar December 16th, 2014

Ever considered becoming a ski instructor? Josh Stolton is off to Nakiska Resort in Canada in the next week to become a ski instructor! Josh has now arrived in Canada, and is mid-training...

Hey everyone. So Canada here I am!!! And what a beautiful country it is, everywhere you look you can see the snow topped mountains with amazing scenery. When I arrived in the country was met with some pretty cold temperatures, which you soon get use to, after all I am here to become a ski instructor! So it was the city of Calgary first, to get things sorted out before heading to the mountain to have some fun in the snow.

When I arrived I also met with some pretty awesome new lifelong mates that are doing the same program as me. There are a handful of snowboarders but the majority are skiers, about 30 of us all up. A good mix of characters from all over the world, Germany, UK Australia, New Zealand to name a few. You can never have too many friends around the world. I must admit we party hard when we have the chance to but also work hard when we need to. 

So after Calgary we all headed up into the mountains to Lake Louise. A huge ski resort, the largest I have ever been to. This is where we will all be doing our training to become ski instructors. In our first week here we had an almighty dump of snow, in about three days we had close to 60cm. Needless to say we shredded some serious powder over those days! I've had some pretty awesome instructors throughout the training, am learning heaps and now its time of the exam to see if I'm up to standard to pass my CSIA level 1 ski instructor course. I'm quietly confident but we will see, I feel I am prepared. If I pass then I'll be off to Nakiska to start working. Whoop whoop!!!

Catch you all next time

If you're keen to get in on the action next winter, you can learn about the full season internship Josh is on here. Or click here to get in touch with the team at EA to see if you qualify for a place!

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