Becoming a Ski instructor in Canada

Calendar December 9th, 2012

Martin Bui from Australia is currently taking the dream gap year to become an instructor. Martin is on a ski instructor course with EA ski and Snowboard, over the next 5 months he will be keeping us updated on what its like becoming an instructor. Be prepared to be jealous!

Click here to check out his second update about his first couple of days in Banff, which will be his home for the next 5 months!

EA Ski Instructor Course - For more details on this popular instructor course Martin is on.


Bags packed goodbyes said, ready to go. Apprehensive nerves and trepidation culminate into butterflies as I stand at Sydney international terminal looking up at the flat screens displays listing off flights to London, New York, Hong Kong and every other exotic destination you could think of. However those are for the intrepid adventurers around me. My destination is north. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I don’t think there could have been anyone else boarding that plan with a bigger grin than me. I don’t think that grin lasted the whole 20 or so hours of accumulated flight, connections, bag checks and immigration. That excitement did stay though and is only intensifying they closer I get to the foot my chosen mountain, Norquay.

Right now I am sitting in Westin Hotel Lobby Calgary cold beer on my table typing out my first entry for my EA Blog. The pane windows are framed in a grimy snow made black from car exhaust and pollution. The black snow and filthy cars give the city a noir sheik nothing like my home town of Sydney.


Rewinding back I’ll recount my time in Vancouver and the very valuable lessons my first stop has taught me most of which regard the excessive consumption of alcohol.



    1. If you just came off a 12 hour flight and arrived in a time zone a day behind yours it is not a good idea to immediately start drinking. Sure you’re excited and sure you’ve made some very cool friends on the plane ride.


    1. If you drink for 6 nights straight and eat nothing but 5 dollar taco plates and poutine you internal organs will implode. (I’m sure there’s a medical explanation for it)


    1. If you and your new mates manage to drink out all of the 4 dollar specials from a back packers pub and rack up a $2000 + tab call it quits. The Cellar, basement club should not be your next stop.


Needless to say Vancouver wasn’t exactly the most constructive time, where I feasted my eyes on the sights and sounds of the city. It’s a bit difficult when car horns rattle your skull and department store halogen lights burn out your eyes.
So here I am in Calgary I’ve shaken off a rancid hostel hang over and taken a step up in life with indoor pools and fresh sheets. I have one more night where I can savor a queen sized bed. Tomorrow I head to Banff where I’ll be once again living the hostel life. But this time instead city streets I’ll be stepping outside every morning to take in fresh air and snow capped mountain peaks. So long as my liver doesn’t fail the nights before.