Becoming a Ski Instructor in Switzerland – Ione Walker – Blog 3

Calendar January 22nd, 2015

Ever considered a winter season in Switzerland? Or further than that, thought about utilising your gun ski skills to earn yourself some cash? Check out Ione Walker's blog, she is currently based in Verbier, Switzerland, training to become a ski instructor with EA and working for Adrenaline Ski School. Let's check in and see how she got on with her Level 1 ski instructor's exam...

Blog 3: We did it!

Finally got my uniform!

Well it happened. I passed my instructors exam, I am now a level one ski instructor and it feels pretty good! I was genuinely more nervous opening that envelope than the one that had my degree results inside… My priorities are either right or wrong depending on which way you want to look at it…

The slightly neurotic person that I am, the exam itself was somewhat of a stressful experience. However, the examiners Colin and Scott from the NZSIA were incredibly kind and put me at ease and the skiing I did on exam day was some of the best skiing I’ve ever done! Thanks also need to go to Harry and Stan our trainers from Adrenaline for getting us up to scratch and now I can swan around the resort in the same uniform!

After skiing with our boss a few days later, (an experience that was equally as nerve wracking), I went more or less straight into work as it was the start of the Christmas holidays. Cue two weeks with a team of absolute crazies whose chat could be rivaled by few… Who knew something so simple as telling a group of 5 year olds there was a bear living in the ‘La Chaux cave’ would progress with the velocity that it did. By the end of two weeks I had been informed of this bears entire life story and I was regularly instructed to ‘ski faster’ due to our being chased by said bear….

In all seriousness though it is an incredibly rewarding job particularly when the people you are teaching make a very clear progression and when a 5 year old informs you that “you’re not half bad”... well my work is done really!

Now that Christmas is over we have had a little more time to ourselves to enjoy everything that Verbier has to offer. Thankfully our boss had the foresight to let us have New Years Day off and it really did live up to the hype, New Years Eve was a crazy night! We have also been exploring the four valleys, which is the pretty extensive ski area that Verbier is nestled in, and we have experienced some sensational powder days.

Anyway it’s safe to say I am still loving every minute of living in such a beautiful place and now I can finally say I ski for a living. It’s a tough tough life…

It's fair to say life is good for Ione right now. Want this to be you next winter? It can be! Check out here for more information on the EA full season ski instructor internship at Verbier.

Some of the EA interns on Christmas day