Becoming a Ski Instructor in Switzerland – Ione Walker – Blog 2

Calendar December 16th, 2014

The winter has started with a bang and EA interns are busy training up for their Level 1 exams, so they can get into their full season jobs ski or snowboard instructing! Ione Walker has headed to Verbier, Switzerland this winter, and is sending back reports for us. Check out her latest news here..

Blog 2: ‘Peaceful’ Switzerland has become a lot less peaceful.

Geneva, FINALLY. I arrive and am united with the people who have quickly become my dysfunctional family. After introducing myself to what seems like 65749332 people I think I know everyone’s names…

In reality there were 25 of us in total, some of us destined for Verbier and some to Grimentz Zinal. As a group we got on really well and with heavy hearts we parted ways after a few days exploring Geneva together.

Arriving in Verbier was a relief for me, after almost a year of waiting I am finally here. Upon arrival Harry took us on a tour of the town. He points out the most essential places, i.e the medical centre and the good bars…

After a night settling into our chalet and a trip to the ‘local’, training begins with Harry and Stan… So begins an intensive course to prepare us for our instructor exam… It has been a steep learning curve for every single one of us and the experience we have all amassed in the past two weeks alone has been invaluable.

Stan demonstrates the 'Worm Turn'

On top of our training has been the obligatory and somewhat eventful sampling of Verbier nightlife. However, with our exam looming we have only dipped our toes (foreheads) into the water on that front...

For now focus is very much on reviewing everything we have learned in the past few weeks and gearing up for the instructor exam next week.

Good luck everyone!

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