Becoming a Ski Instructor in Switzerland - Ione Walker - Blog 1

Calendar November 9th, 2014

Ever considered training to become a ski instructor? Ione Walker is off to Verbier, Switzerland this winter to become an EA ski instructor intern. Follow her blog here as she sets off on the winter of her life!

No friends on a powder day. Me enjoying fresh powder in Verbier last year.


I have graduated university. Time for the long awaited gap year! The world is my oyster, what have I chosen to do? Become a ski instructor…. Cue the longest summer of my life.

My name is Ione, I am 21 years old and I am about to start the EA ski instructor internship in Verbier, Switzerland this winter. In 20 days I will have touched down in Geneva to begin training for the job of a lifetime, which has already been confirmed- One of the perks of training with EA…

Becoming a ski Instructor has been a no brainer for me for several years now. Skiing is one of the few talents I possess that actually comes relatively naturally and I have been skiing since I started showing signs of walking. Hand me a pair of skis and I am in heaven. It is indescribable the feeling one gets simply carving turns at top speed down a freshly pisted slope, putting everything into it until you feel a pleasant burn in your legs.
If I could pack her I would. 'Sasha' my German Wire haired pointer."

Go hard or go home (or preferably just don’t come skiing) that is our family motto. And fresh powder? There are simply no words. To spend a season passing this passion onto other people is one of the things I am looking forward to the most!

However, there are several final preparations needed before I can jet off to Verbier such as locating my equipment, waxing my skis, visiting friends and purchasing that new jacket that I er…. ‘need’. I am also in the process of persuading my parents that it would be practical to bring the family dog to the slopes with me...

So read my blog and be entertained because the chances are you will not be doing anything nearly as exciting. Verbier, I hope you are ready for me!

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