Becoming an instructor in Canada - Banff

Calendar December 10th, 2012

Martin Bui's second update from Canada on his road to become a ski instructor.

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EA Ski Instructor Course - For more details on this popular instructor course Martin is on.

[caption id="attachment_6051" align="aligncenter" width="585" caption="Amazing view from downtown Banff "]Banff[/caption]

Three days has passed since my last blog entry for EA. Calgary was a quick two days which I didn’t really go into too much detail about and Vancouver I would have liked to but unfortunately those memories are hazy. There’s not much to say about Calgary. The EA crew dashed about the city sorting out a half dozen tedious bits of paper work and made brief introductions with each other. In summation Calgary is cold.

Where I’m writing from this time is the HI Hostel Banff. In the three days since my last update my travel has taken me to a corner of the world which until now I had thought only existed in post cards. Bleary eyed and slightly hung over I dragged my bags out of my Calgary hotel loaded some hefty luggage into the coach and immediately shut my eyes as soon as I took my seat. Two hours of snoozing and ignoring the over enthusiastic bus driver who thought he would entertain his passengers with a running tour guide I woke up to one of the most breath taking sights I have ever seen and one which would easily rival any of what the world has to offer. No matter what compass point you decided to look at or which building window you open the curtains of, towering in the distance are enormous perfect snow capped mountains. Giant stone guardians of exceptional beauty look down and greet you as you walk down quaint small town streets of Banff. Air is cold, fresh, clean and cold. If you were here with me you would understand why I need to mention cold twice.

[caption id="attachment_6054" align="aligncenter" width="585" caption="ski boot fitting"]ski[/caption]

The first two days in Banff were about getting your quiver ready or picking your weapon to face the mountain. After all it’s not enough for the adventurous youth to appreciate the scenery. We need bits of wood and fiber glass to stand on so we can slide down crystalline frozen water particles which build up on the faces and sides of the Rocky Mountain Range (skis!). It seems so trivially put but I know that at this very minute here where I am it is this simple thing that makes me happy. And I know that it is skiing or snowboarding that makes sense to everyone around me. The pursuit of happiness never needs to be complicated and it’s the simple things that make us content. I am sitting in a hostel with thirty odd individuals who could attest to that. This point aside what I was originally trying to recount was the fact that lots of money was spent. Lots of travel cards, credit cards and foreign bank accounts were drained and lots of new toys were to be had. Myself I decided to purchase both a new snowboard and complete ski set. If I listen carefully with my wallet against my ear I’m sure I can hear my VISA cry softly.

In a day I’ll be on Mount Norquay alongside a handful of unique, weird and wonderful individuals who I promise I shall introduce in my next blog. Anticipation is running high. The slopes await and I’m ready to strap in look down let go and feel like I’m flying.