Best way to become a Ski Instructor - Madz blog 1

Calendar November 28th, 2013

Becoming a ski instructor has always been a dream for for Madz who lives in one of the hottest parts of Australia! She is off to become an instructor at Big White Canada on an EA ski course.

Madz is one of EA's bloggers and will be providing updates throughout the season! Check out her first update before she hits up the snow below on her skiing internship.


Hi! My name is Madison, or most commonly Madz, and I'm a snow enthusiast (ask powder hound) from Mackay in North Queensland Australia.

Ever since I was 12 years old (much to everyone's disbelief) I said I was going to be a ski instructor- something hard for someone who's closest snow is 2 flights and several hours by bus away!

In my final year of school I started doing some research into programs and found EA, which to me was definitely the way to go- professional training, a job offer and ultimately the best head start I'm going to need to get my foot into the door of such a sought after career!

I chose Big White as my resort of choice as I know it has the best powder and biggest dumps of snow every year without fail!