Canada Resorts and visa update

Calendar August 31st, 2011


There’s only 3 months until the start of EA’s training programs at our 5 resorts in Canada! Places are filling up fast and Canada working holiday visa allocation is running low/out for some nations. So for anyone thinking of becoming an instructor in Canada, we have put together the latest update for course place availability and visa information.


Canada Resort placement update

Application for the Whistler SnowSchool University have closed for the 2011/12 Season.
We have limited Instructor Internship and training programs available at our 4 other top Canada Resorts, Revelstoke, Lake Louise, Norquay and Big White.
We are starting to finalise numbers for these resorts so contact us quickly to start your instructing dream in Canada!


Working Holiday Visa update for Canada - As of 31/08/11

Due to the guaranteed job offer as part of our Instructor Internship programs, you need to be eligible to work in Canada. If you don’t have a Canada passport, depending on your citizenship you may be eligible for a Canada Working Holiday visa for 2011. See below for our update on working holiday visa.

If the Canada visa quota has run out for your country AND you really want to become an instructor - Don’t sweat, we have wicked training programs in Canada which you don’t need a working holiday visa for. Or if you love sushi and powder our Japan instructor internship with guaranteed job offer at an English speaking resort could be an excellent option for you.

Ireland Citizens
As of August 30th, 2011, there are approximately 20 places remaining. If you are looking to do EA's instructor internship in Canada you need to apply for your working holiday visa ASAP.

United Kingdom Citizens
The 2011 working holiday visa is now closed for the United Kingdom as the quota has run out. Applications for 2012 will reopen in January.

Australia Citizens
There are still Canada working holiday visas available for Australian citizens for 2011.

New Zealand Citizens
There are still Canada working holiday visas available for New Zealand citizens for 2011

From another country?
Contact us and we will let you know if you are eligible to work in Canada for 2011.