Canada Ski Instructor Course – Nigel Sainsbury – Blog 3

Calendar December 19th, 2013

Interested in what it takes to become a ski instructor? Check out the latest update from Nigel Sainsbury who is reaching the end of his training to becoming an internationally qualified ski instructor at Norquay in Canada!

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It seems that my pre-season training was woefully inadequate. But then, I'm not sure what could have prepared me for seven hours of skiing a day. Whatever the weather, however the conditions, there really is no better feeling than skiing all day. So the prospect of skiing for a living feels better and better every day!

We are now three weeks into our CSIA Level 1 Instructor training at Mount Norquay and our exams are just around the corner. Training at Norquay has been a great experience. They have great snow all the time, a wide selection of terrain, including some of the steepest terrain in North America and fantastic views.

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During the last two weeks we have had the privilege of learning with CSIA Level 3 Instructors Phil Renaud and Kat Byles, who have been taking us through the finer points of our technical skiing and teaching. We have worked on the different approaches for teaching all ages groups starting from absolute beginners and up to intermediate ability.

As well as advancing our skiing technique, we have also had to go back to basics and perfect our snow ploughs on the nursery slope.

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To my surprise, this has actually been one of my greatest challenges! My favourite part of the training has been taking it in turns within the group to be the instructor and to be the class. This has been our first exposure to teaching and lead to some Oscar worthy performances simulating out of control skiing and accidents. It will definitely go some way to preparing us for the challenges that instructing will bring.

So with my training complete, only the three day exam stands between me and beginning my ski instructing career. I'm most looking forward to meeting and instructing a wide, diverse group of people from across the world this season and enjoying the satisfaction of helping people progress and enjoy themselves. So I head into the next three days with excitement, confidence and the obligatory nerves. Bring it on!

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