A season in Canada as a ski instructor – Glenn Watson – Blog 2

Calendar January 20th, 2015

Glenn Watson is currently based in the team at Cypress Mountain in Canada as an EA Ski instructor intern. Recently passing his Level 1 exam (woop!), Glenn is now a fully fledged member of the ski school team and qualified instructor. Check out his latest update!

So how's it been? The only answer is amazing! So by the time you read this I would have probably finished my first week of work. It's been long but so rewarding.

My instructor for the week was Kia (as I'm a skier) and the boarders had JP. Along the way both instructors have been great, providing us with all the information to help towards gaining our Level 1s and now at work too. Its been such a easy ride into the start of the season at Cypress, even though the weather hasn't really helped us along the way!

We learnt everything and more from the training. For the exam, our own skiing was assessed, pulled apart and re-put together to become better riders ourselves. Not just for our work but also for our own progression. We had orientations, so when we inevitably passed, Obviously. We were all ready to work.

The nightlife here is pretty hectic. Downtown, Gastown, North Van all have great places! There are so many attractions to visit but if your not really into that you'd happily just sit on  the slopes catching some the amazing views that you get from some of the runs here!

Hurry up and get a place, it's so worth it ... and be prepared to pick up some of the lingo that people say around here!

- - -

As Glenn has explained, we think these internships are the best way to get trained and get on the snow asap. A winter in a new country, with new mates and new skills... you won't regret it. Get in touch here to check out if you qualify for a spot!