Canadian Working holiday Visas 2015: Update

Calendar September 9th, 2015

As many of you are probably aware, the applications for the 2015 Working Holiday Visas (International Experience Canada) have closed for British Citizens. A total of 5,000 spots were released by the Canadian Immigration Office this year, allowing people to travel within Canada and support their trip with temporary work. This type of visa is the primary type for people participating on a ski or snowboard instructor internship course with us.

On top of these 5,000 applications that have been granted, there is also a waiting list of which additional applicants can hope to be granted a visa should decisions change or the number of visas granted be increased.

The waiting list is being processed

Today, EA Ski and Snowboard learnt that at least 1,000 people from the waiting list were granted their Working Holiday Visas. There are numerous reasons as to why this happened, but such a large number of new successful applications suggests there may have been an increase.

What this means to you
The Canadian visa limitation often puts people off applying, but it shouldn’t. Chances are, if you are applying on the day they are released, you are likely to be granted one.

If you have just been granted a visa and still don’t know what to do with it, have a look at our ski instructor courses and snowboard instructor courses.

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