Charmaine's Big White Blog - Vancouver

Calendar December 16th, 2010

When we rocked up to the hotel, we were given key cards and told we would have time to explore Vancouver before meeting for dinner, and after ten minutes of epically failing trying to get my luggage and ski bag into the lift I was in the room. FLASH AS! I’m not talking flashpackers, this was a kitted out hotel.

After perusing the tourist info my heavily jetlagged roommate burst in the door, Olivia, who would proved to be like no one else I’d ever met. She crashed, I went to explore, having my first North-American Cappuccino, just as I remembered North-American coffee to be, TERRIBLE! If only I could find someone who knows what a Flat White is and make one I’ll have a new best-friend.

As it began snowing we met at the hotel for dinner, there were so many people! At least 50 people filling the lobby. I was shocked, until now I didn’t really consider how popular this was, I was under the illusion I’d found some little secret exclusive opportunity offered to very few, I wasn’t necessarily wrong, we were all going to different places, but geez it looked massive everyone in the same place at the same time. I suppose you have to take into account how many ski-resorts there are in the world. Heaps, all over the place, the all need ski instructors so here we were, a small group really, scratching the surface of what Canada requires now and in the future.

To dinner! Fogg N’ Suds was full with our crew, our table of ten mostly going to Lake Louise, 2 to Revelstoke and so far only the only people Olivia and I had met going to Big White was Olivia and I. Never mind! The conversation was questionable, food was great though in HUGE North American servings, only the boys finishing theirs, our first taste of Canadian brew and hockey on TV was all you could hope for, for a first night in Canada. Being Movember, we even got at tonne of cardboard moustaches to occupy ourselves with. Then came the bills. After much deliberation, discussion, and confusion as to what all these taxes actually were, we paid, tipped and headed back to the hotel to change for a midnight explore.

Our table crew left without some dropouts down the main road doing the typical things you do when you enter a new country, we went to the 7/11 to see what food they eat here, went to McDonalds to see if they have the same food as us, almost got run over multiple times after looking the wrong way before crossing the road, and went to the park in the dark, as you do in a strange city, found some kids by the frozen lake trying to smash the ice, attempted to cross what I’d call a motorway almost dying and eventually making it back to crash for an epic day to follow, Day 2 of Orientation.