Charmaine's Update - Vancouver to Big White

Calendar January 12th, 2011

So after an epic night, I woke up hung over 5 minutes before I was meant to be downstairs to go the airport and I hadn’t packed. It was the quickest I think I’ve ever moved with a hangover and I was downstairs so see Justin in the same state as myself. Horrible. We piled ourselves onto the bus and when we arrived I shot through check in and security to find a bench by my gate where I slept for 4 hours till my flight.

Then we were off to Kelowna, 1 glorious hour of extra sleep on the plane and we were there. It was cold. VERY COLD. Everyone else who was on an earlier flight was waiting so we hopped into another bus heading for Walmart. We had 20 minutes to load up on sheets, pillows and towels, seemingly an easy task, but no. There is no such thing as single bed sheets in Canada so after much deliberation it was decided upon to get twin sheets which as it turned out was a single. We jumped back onboard and drove down the highway to Big White.

In the dark we could only see the Welcome sign and the snow covered trees but as we rolled up to our new apartments. We were all living together, 2 apartments with 7, and 3 girls upstairs with 4 Aussie boys.
The next day we met in the village, got our training schedule explained, met the boss and we all went our separate ways to pick up gear we didn’t have and look around. I went on a mission for internet. There was a border run going the next day to get visas activated, so I needed to check to see if mine had come through. The mission for internet was almost impossible, I was directed to an internet cafe which was down, then found out the clocktower building had free wireless, so I went home for the laptop and finally got on. I still didn’t have it. So an action plan was established. I would wake up ridiculously early to come in with my laptop and hiking pack. If I had my visa in the morning I would go to the border, if I didn’t I would go to Kelowna with everyone else and fill my hiking pack with groceries.

Surprise, surprise. I still didn’t have it. So off to Kelowna to shop. Where I bought way too much only to realise I had to carry it all up the hill from the bus home. While strategically attempting to carry all this food, I met 2 girls who offered to help carry my stuff up to my house. I think I nearly killed them by doing so but for a beer they were willing and understanding as they had done the same thing when they first arrived at Big White. I unpacked as my flatmates filtered in under the same strain, and hit the sack for tomorrow’s training