EA course diary update - Elizabeth Skehan

Calendar December 9th, 2012

Here is Elizabeth's first course diary update for her Ski Instructor Course in Canada. Its been all go, loads of good times and new friends after just a couple of days! Watch out for her next update shortly!

Wow. Calgary is amazing! Where do I start? Flying in over Calgary and seeing everything covered in snow was such a different yet beautiful sight to see. After transferring over to the hotel where we were staying for our nights in Calgary we met everyone and then we all went out and had a great time meeting, greeting, and getting to know lots and lots of the new face at a nice little sports bar just around the corner.

Even though we were all just personally meeting everyone for the first time it was awesome how well everyone just got along! Walking along the snow covered streets of Calgary was literally like being in a movie! I have never been into a city which was covered in snow before so seeing this and being able to walk amongst it was quite exciting! Exploring the city and experiencing the Calgary lifestyle for a day and a bit was interesting. We visited the Calgary tower where we went up to the top and viewed the city of Calgary… It was an amazing view and a wonderful experience.

On our travels to Lake Louise we stopped off at Walmart, another awesome experience which must be done at some time in everyone life!! We picked up all the necessities and continued to Lake Louise! When we got to Lake Louise it was significantly cooler than what it was in Calgary. I found it really easy to settle into our rooms as we all have common interests and also because we spent a lot of time in the hallway between all our rooms, just mingling!

Our first training session on Lake Louise ski area was very enjoyable! Aside from the cold hands and sore feet from getting use to all our new ski’s I felt that I learnt a great deal and improved my skiing technique. If in just one day of training I have already improved, I am definitely looking forward to the next few weeks!

Lake Louise is one of the most beautiful places ever and I am really enjoying my time here so far!

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