EA Ski & Snowboard Newsletter - March 2013

Calendar March 28th, 2013



Just 4 months ago in November Sasha Thelning left Australia to become a ski instructor.

By Christmas she had passed the level one exam and started teaching. Sasha’s dreams of cruising the slopes as a qualified instructor had been fast tracked into reality through EA’s Instructor Internship. Sasha then started teaching and has continued to work for the last 3 months along with many other EA Interns living the life at top resorts around the world! Read Sasha’s latest blog below.

In this newsletter we share fresh updates from our Winter Resorts so you can hear what life is like as a new ski or snowboard instructor. We also share a video tutorial on how to stomp a 360!

In this newsletter:

If you are interested in a course with us for winter 2013/14 then get in touch asap because due to more demand this year we only have half the places left we normally do!

The most epic commute to work yet?..

For anyone thinking about doing a winter season while stuck in traffic on the way to work or school – spare a thought for EA Intern Michael Easdown. This was his commute to work on Tuesday morning last week at Big White Ski Resort. Tempting much? :)

Michael took part on EA’s Dual Cert Instructor Internship at Big White Ski Resort.

Undiscovered powder stash. Japan

Japan is one of skiing’s best kept secrets. The resorts get more snow than anywhere else in the World and fewer people to share fresh lines with. This season has been no exception. Jock, along with a handful of other lucky EA Interns have been shredding pow, and teaching skiing after their recent 100% success rate in the instructor exams.

And the best thing is all the lessons they take are in English, so the only Japanese needed is “Tsumetai biru kudasai“ (can I have a cold beer please?)

‘Japan as a location to do the course is also an awesome choice. The powder is amazing, dare I say magical. One night there was so much snow we were getting fresh tracks.. every run all day, in 80cm of powder. This was the best day skiing of my life… It was incredible!’

Jock Robinson

Check out a full update with photos from Jock here

If you want to apply for an EA Internship in Japan check out more info here and get in touch.

Powder update – Canada

It’s been an epic season in Canada this year. Here are some updates from EA Interns living and working in the land of moose and powder!

    • Being a ski instructor in Canada - Katharine Ely: Ski Instructors have an awesome time at ski resorts in Canada, but what is it actually like to be a Ski or Snowboard instructor in Canada?

    • What’s the training like? - Tessa Robinson: “The training has been preparing us effectively for the exam and making us more confident skiers”

How to 360 and land it!

If you’ve always wanted to land a 360 but have always lost your nerve just before you take off, watch these 360 tutorial videos.. You will be stomping 360’s before you know it!

- How to 360 on skis

- How to Backside 360 on snowboard

And finally we leave you with a famous Chinese proverb and our interpretation:

“Man who waits for roast duck to fly into mouth must wait very, very long time.”

If you want something delicious and fulfilling in your life you need to take action!

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