EA Ski & Snowboard Newsletter - May 2012

Calendar June 5th, 2012



This season more snow records were broken, this time it was Lake Louise who received the most snowfall in 80 years! After such a wicked season everyone in the EA office is a bit cut up about the end of winter, so EA has decided to hook up fellow powder withdrawal sufferers with $500, see below..

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Do Instructors really earn more $$ and get more dates?

For those thinking about becoming a ski instructor and want to know what it's like we asked new instructors Jess and Rob in Canada exactly what they do day to day and if the rumours are true...

click here to see what they had to say

$500 discount for Powder Withdrawal sufferers

EA acknowledge that powder withdrawal (PW) can be extremely painful.

To help EA are giving PW sufferers $500 off any 2012 course

All you have to do is email sstraining@educatingadventures.com and state which symptoms you are suffering (see below) – You will then qualify for the discount (Conditions: Only for sign ups from 5 June – 15 June).


Common Powder Withdrawal Symptoms (PWS)

    1. You ask the bus driver how much snow has fallen over night

    1. Watching TV with your goggles on

    1. You look at streets on your way to work / school scoping the line you would take if it was all snow covered

  1. You would rather sleep next to your skis or board than your girl / boy friend

2012/13 Internship positions almost full + 6 new places released in Canada

EA’s Instructor Internships are unique because they offer instructor jobs in top ski schools straight after an early season training course! Places are getting snapped up really fast this year, but luckily we have managed to release additional positions for both skiers and snowboarders! Here's what's left:

    • Canada (Banff, Lake Louise, Norquay & Big White Ski Schools) – Previously full. 6 new ski and 6 new snowboard places just released

    • Japan - Minakami & Hakuba Ski Schools - 6 places remain

  • USA - Lake Tahoe, Northstar Ski School - 7 places remain

Email sstraining@educatingadventures.com to apply.


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