EA Ski & Snowboard Intern Lorna Lister

Calendar December 16th, 2016

The 2016/2017 Winter season has kicked off and we have caught up with Lorna Lister, one of our Brand Ambassadors based at Lake Louise resort in Alberta, Canada. Lorna traveled all the way from Hampshire, England to join a EA Ski Instructor Internship for this northern hemisphere winter season. Lorna has just passed her level one instructors exam. Lorna is now ready to start teaching at Lake Louise Resort! She has given us some advice on how to prepare for your internship with EA Ski & Snowboard Training.

What TO DO for getting ready!

 First thing I did when my EA confirmation came through for the winter season was to write a TO DO list and a shopping list. Keep these lists somewhere where you can access them easily (mine was stored on my phone) so that you can tick them off at any opportunity.

 For example:


 Make sure you have a SAVINGS account set up.

 When you receive emails from EA with fees, have a record of how much it is going to cost.

 Applying for your visa

 When starting your visa process I found it so useful to join a Facebook group and to communicate and hear from others going through the same process. I found this Facebook page incredible helpful with documents and advice to make sure you complete the visa correctly.

 IEC Visa


 When you arrive

 When you are added to the EA Facebook page with all the other members you get to see the other interns. This page is helpful, especially for sharing questions about packing, flights, documents etc.

At the airport I would suggest having the confidence to write on the facebook page! Let people know where you are in the airport and come together. I saw so many faces I recognised from the Facebook page but no one wanted to make the first move or write on the wall. This led to the majority of the UK interns getting all the way to Tornoto before deciding we were all able to strike up conversation. It was great to speak to others in the same boat.

TRY TO STAY AWAKE! After 24 hours of travelling and hardly any sleep, when I landed in Calgary I was exhausted. But we went out for our first night to get food and drink, and even though you may not feel like eating, it definitely helped to prepare my body clock for Canada.


Our first trip out with the EA crew to see Lake Louise


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