EA Ski & Snowboard Newsletter - December 2011

Calendar December 11th, 2011



This winter 5 out of 8 EA training base resorts opened early due to epic powder conditions! Whistler Blackcomb recorded the 3rd snowiest November on record… So it’s all lining up to be a massive season for the new EA Instructors over in Canada, USA and Japan!

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3 Hot tips to become an instructor

Watch the video here - How to come ski or snowboard instructor – 3 hot tips

We all dream of becoming a ski or snowboard instructor. It’s a no brainer – Getting paid to ski/snowboard is rad. That’s why we have made this sweet guide packed with everything you need to know to live the dream and enter the instructing industry with style.

Applications open for 2012 season

APPLY NOW - Applications for EA Ski and Snowboard Instructor Internship Program for 2012 are now open.

This program is extremely popular because you get Training + a guaranteed job offer – Places are filling fast, apply now to avoid missing out, email sstraining@educatingadventrues.com


La Niña is back! But what does it mean for snow?

La Niña conditions are back this winter. La Nina is a mass of cold water that forms out in the central pacific ocean. What does it mean for a skier/snowboarder?.. You’re gonna get dumped on in the West of Canada and USA –All winter long!

Check out more details on how this occurs and what it means for skiers and snowboarders – and YOU!

Fresh update from EA Internship Trainees

Training is underway for the EA Instructor Interns in Canada and the USA. They are learning how to teach, as well as some tips on riding in powder! It’s been an epic start – with bucket loads of fresh powder brewed up by La Niña. In less than two weeks the EA Interns will be handed their uniforms to start work as instructors!

Click here for the first course update of the season from Jessica in Canada

4 bad Christmas jokes!

Q. Why did Santa have three gardens?

A. So he could hoe, hoe, hoe!

Q. What do snowmen eat for lunch?

A. Iceburgers!

Q. What goes OH, OH, OH?

A. Santa walking backwards!

Q. What do monkeys sing at Christmas?

A. Jungle Bells!





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