EA Snowboard Instructor Course – Jackson Gillis – Blog 4

Calendar January 16th, 2014

Jackson Gillis is currently based at Mount Norquay in Canada for the winter season, living the dream training and working as an EA Snowboard Instructor. Check out what its like having Christmas in the snow!

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Christmas Time & Working at Norquay
After the examinations it was really nice to have a break from snowboarding and spend time with my sister who visited me over for Christmas. We had a lot of fun enjoying a white Christmas and doing things like visiting Lake Louise, the hot baths and more excitingly seeing the Ice Hockey and the local team Calgary Flames win in a shoot out.

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I also got to spend my first day as a snowboard instructor on Christmas Day. When I am at home in Australia Christmas is about relaxing with family, having a swim and eating a huge amount food from the barbeque. I was really surprised by the numbers of people that came to get lessons on Christmas and I certainly got to test my skills as an instructor!

[caption id="attachment_7808" align="aligncenter" width="590" caption="Lake Louise looks like Narnia"]Lake[/caption]

I have worked a few days every week since Christmas and really enjoying it. I start the day signing in, early morning sessions, lining up on the hour every hour for lessons and then free riding if there are no bookings. During the free time you can do whatever you want; learn new tricks, refine your technique with the aim of getting better at riding in your break, or get better at teaching by having your own lesson and learning from others. What a Job!

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For me I was a bit nervous to start as was wondering how the lessons would go. I wanted to make sure people learnt a lot and had fun AND then wanted to come and have another lesson with me! Thankfully my shifts have ended marvellously with some of my students saying I was a good teacher and some giving me a handsome tip for the lesson. AWESOME!

Now Christmas is over and with a full workload of snowboarding lessons, I can say this is one of the best experiences I have had. I’m getting paid to snowboard and do something I love! Now the busy period is over, I aim to practice as much as I can so I am ready for the Level two training along with learning how to be a Level 1 ski instructor. That should be fun as I haven’t been on skis since I was 10. Stay tuned!

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If you're ready to have the winter of a lifetime - upskill and get paid to live the dream, check out here for more info or get in touch with the team at EA for a chat about what the first steps are to becoming an internationally recognised snowboard instructor!