EA Snowboard Instructor Course – Jackson Gillis – Blog 5

Calendar February 23rd, 2014

Jackson Gillis is currently based at Mount Norquay in Canada for the winter season, living the dream training and working as an EA Snowboard Instructor. Now well into the winter season Jackson is now a proper local in Banff. Check out his latest update...


Having been here for over two months while working for a month I can safely say that I am feeling more and more like a working Banff local. I am working 3-4 days a week on average it’s helping me progress as an instructor. My knowledge and experience is expanding constantly with the help of my supervisors along with the different types of people that come to learn a fun but difficult sport to master.

One occasion springs to mind where I was able to teach a lady that had never snowboarded before, the whole beginner progression, which includes riding the chairlift and S turns in the remarkable amount of time of 3 hours. On a consistent basis it can take people 2-3 lessons to learn what I taught that lady and it was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have ever had teaching.


Apart from teaching throughout the busy part of the year I was also able to have some fun away from snowboarding in the form of the Redbull Rail Jam, Australia Day and the Banff Discovery Tour. There were also other things like going to see local bands in town, building a fridge outside our window, which attracted confused deer, and we have also made the habit of trying the different cuisines that Banff has to offer.

It was really amazing to see the turnout for the Australia Day festivities. It was great day with most of us from EA working on the mountain wearing an assortment of Australian Day gear. The day was a great success with all the Australians speaking the native tongue along with eating Aussie favourite snacks such as Twisties, Tim Tams and Shapes. It later ended to us partying to an Australian ‘Best Of’ CD at the different pubs and nightclubs in Banff. Unfortunately for the Snowboarders we all had to work the next day.


Now that I have passed the halfway point of my trip I am able to focus on work and eventually the evaluations on my Level 2 training and teaching. The exciting thing is that in the next couple days is that my family is coming over for a fortnight and that means I can get out of a six-man bedroom and have some home cooked meals made by Mum. I can’t wait to have a bath!


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