Easiest way to become a ski instructor – Blog 2

Calendar December 2nd, 2013

Moana's road to becoming a ski instructor has begun with EA!

Moana is on EA's instructor internship course - training, certification and job offer. Check what the EA crew have been up to!

[caption id="attachment_7313" align="aligncenter" width="590" caption="EA interns ice skating in Vancouver!"]EA[/caption]

I’m in Canada!!! After 60 hours without a bed I was absolutely knackered, but it was time to explore Vancouver.

We had two days of orientation with the Big White and Revelstoke crew; we got our Social Insurance Numbers, bank accounts and Canadian sim cards. EA was great and took us everywhere we needed to go.

That afternoon Craig, Gerry, Lynsey, Becky and I went ice skating. Even though I am a terrible skater I had heaps of fun and didn’t break anything, which is always a plus.

Then it was time to move into our apartments. It’s three to a two-bedroom apartment, but we’re all in the same building. As I’m sharing with Hugh and Craig, I’ve got a huge room to myself. I won’t be using it much though – I’ll spend all my free time on the mountain.


Cypress is fantastic. There are only two runs open but I can already tell that the terrain is going to be amazing. Even this early in the season, the skiing is so much fun. To top it off, the views are breath-taking!

After reading previous blogs, I knew training wouldn’t be easy. The first two days have been spent ironing out bad habits, of which I had countless!

My stance was about as bad as you can get and my edging was all wrong. Luckily I’ve improved heaps already, thanks to our great instructor, Sunil. Can’t wait for a great season!

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