Easiest way to become a ski instructor – Moana Meyer – Blog 6

Calendar January 30th, 2014

Want to know how to become a ski instructor in Canada? Check out Moana's blog on what it's like, she's at Cypress Mountain:

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Not many people can say that they love nothing more than going to "the office" on their days off. But that's the reality for a ski instructor, and I love it! It definitely feels like I've got the hang of teaching by now; one of my favourite parts is making up new stories.

Kids are very curious, so every lesson I get asked how the chair lift was built, why the magic carpet stopped, what ski poles are used for and why some people only have one "ski-board". Every day I come up with stories even wilder than the last; even if they don't believe me, the kids love it.

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The thing about doing your favourite hobbies for work is that life seems to revolve around your job. I've hardly had any time to explore Vancouver, so I don't quite feel like a local. The areas I know well include the walk to the bus stop and shops, but that's about it. I was lucky enough to have some relatives drive up from Portland recently, so I got a chance to explore a bit more with them.

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We had spectacular views of the city from Queen Elizabeth Park, saw some native plants from back home at Bloedel Conservatory and ate poutine in Gastown, the old part of the city. But on all my other free days I've gone up to Cypress.

Cypress runs daily training sessions for all instructors.
They are absolutely brilliant; it's so good to get continuous feedback on your skiing. Almost all my free time has been spent in these sessions; I don't want to waste a minute of them. On Mondays there is also specific training for people working towards their Canadian Ski Instructors' Alliance (CSIA) Level 2. These are just like the training EA had organised for us at the start of the season; they're equally amazing. I am so grateful to Cypress for running these sessions, they're really something special. Not many other mountains have them.

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I have to confess to the greatest of crimes - I skied at the competition. Grouse is another of Vancouver's local mountains and the site of a CSIA Teaching Children course. I took as an elective, one of the things you need to do before going for your level 2. Most of the content I had already picked up through work, but there were a few new ideas for games and exercises. I was surprised to see the state of the runs at Grouse. They had hardly anything open - the bunny hill, one green run and one blue. To top it off, the blue run was closed halfway through the day due to rocks.

[caption id="attachment_7854" align="aligncenter" width="590" caption="The forecast at Grouse Mountain"]The[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_7855" align="aligncenter" width="590" caption="The forecast at Grouse mountain proved to be correct!"]The[/caption]

In contrast to Grouse, Cypress now has 5 chair lifts open, the opening of Sky Chair being the absolute highlight. Sky Chair goes up to the summit of Mt Strachan, one of the two mountains in the resort. The views are amazing; you can see Vancouver and Mt Baker in the South-East, Vancouver and Bowen Islands to the West and Whistler to the North. It's breath-taking; working at Cypress never gets old!

If Cypress sounds like you, and you want to leave home knowing you're walking into one of the best seasonaire experiences around, get in touch with the team at EA to find out what it takes, or click here to read more :)