Easiest way to become a ski instructor - Moana Meyer - Blog 3

Calendar December 10th, 2013

Moana Meyer is currently at Cypress Mountain, Canada completing a ski instructor course with EA and loving the experience. Here's her latest news:


It's been snowing! We had an extra 2 cm today, a nice coating on the thick base the snow machines have made. Cypress is really well equipped with snow machines; they make it feel like the middle of winter!

With all that snow, our brilliant instructors, Kia and Mel, have had plenty for us to do. The slopes are very spacious, giving us heaps of room to practice our turns. We also found other uses for the snow, like snowball fights, races and, my favourite, real-life Mario Kart! These have been accompanied by epic bails, luckily without serious injuries. Unfortunately everyone's GoPros just missed the action.


Everybody has progressed heaps, but it's crunch time now with our level one exam on the horizon. We've been going through how to run lessons and have already had our staff orientation. There's a lot to remember; I'm really grateful to EA for this course. I still need to practice a lot to make sure a good lesson is second nature.

I can't wait to actually start teaching. We've seen some of the other instructors at work and the kids are all so happy! It'll be pretty awesome to see the kids I'll be teaching having so much fun, and picking up skiing along the way.


If Moana's course sounds like something you'd love to try, please click here for more information, or get in touch with the team at EA for a chat.