Fast track into an exciting and engaging learning holiday

Calendar November 15th, 2017

Meet Jack, from Australia!  

Jack is joining us this winter at Castle, Canada to become a qualified instructor and work at the awesome ski resort, Castle!  

They say that at Castle Resort, a powder alert pulls in all the serious powder hunters as a powder day at the Castle is hard to beat... so of course, Jack has packed his snowboard and is gearing up for an epic season. 



Get to know Jack

Hi, I'm Jack, I'm from Perth, Western Australia.

For the three years since I have graduated high school, I have been working a few casual jobs and practicing photography as a passion. I have also been traveling as much as possible, this year I  have spent a month in Niseko Japan, another month up in the remote West Australian desert surfing and then I also when over to Indonesia on a two-week surf voyage through its many islands. I'm always saving up for my next trip or next piece of camera equipment, It's a work hard, play hard kinda deal.

I have been snowboarding and skiing maybe five or six times now, Western Australia has next to no snow and the rest of the snow in Australia is on the low quality and expensive side of things. Plus its still really far to travel from the worlds most isolated city (Perth) to the closest snow in Melbourne, three and a half hours on a plane and then that again to get to the mountain. I have always preferred Japan because of its amazing powder, culture and its relatively close proximity to Australia. If your planning to pack up and go, may as well do it right?


Jack's 4 reasons for doing a season with EA Ski & Snowboard:

1. The main reason I want to do a season with EA was to able to be fast-tracked into an exciting and engaging learning holiday.

2. To do something that will allow me to travel to all parts of the world

3. To not just see the sights but live and work in an amazing place whilst meeting new people.

4. This opportunity fits in perfectly with my love of photography and travel and even better, I'll be able to capture my whole journey through my lens!


Why did you choose Castle resort? 

When I was trying to decide what resort I wanted to do my first season at, I had no idea. I knew I wanted to go to Canada and that was about it...

They all looked amazing and when just looking online, it's really hard to picture how your season will turn out at any particular resort plus it's a huge decision that could make all the difference. Lucky for me I left it really late and the only resort left that offered the right internship and training for me was Castle Mountain Resort, I like to think it chose me. Castle is located 3 hours south of Calgary, it's somewhat isolated and has a real small ski village. I know that will have its perks.

I'm looking forward to spending my season with a great group of resort staff, improving my skills on the slopes, learning to instruct and putting it into practice and of course enjoying my fair share of powder.



Keep an eye out for updated on Jack's winter season experience at Castle Ski Resort, Canada!

If you’re interested in becoming a qualified instructor and get paid to ski at work class resorts like Castle, click the link below to see if you qualify for one of our internships!