Global Warming good for skiers

Calendar May 31st, 2012


As the globe continues to get warmer many ski resorts around the word are felling the burden of warmer temperatures bringing heavy rain melting snow and shattering ski holiday plans for many.

The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics was a prime example with snow trucked and helicoptered into the ski resorts to cover up the dirt!

An absolute skiers nightmare right? Not so much.. Some high alpine ski resorts are experiencing more snow the warmer it gets, but why?


Ski Resorts at high altitudes like Lake Louise Canada are known for consistent cold conditions making for great dry snow but with the downfall of receiving less snow on average due to temperature being too cold to snow to form.

For whatever reasons car exhorts, industry pollution, excessive number of cows farting or none of the above – the fact is temperatures are rising which means traditionally colder areas like Lake Louise are experiencing slightly warmer conditions with more amazing powder is falling at the resort. This winter Lake Louise Canada was hit was massive amounts of snow, making it the snowiest winter ever on record!

Lake Louise has had 884 cm of the white stuff this season to date shattering the 80 year record for snowfall at the resort. Skiers and snowboarders can now experience loads more of the quality snow higher inland resorts like Lake Louise are famous for.


The outlook is all smiles for high altitude inland resorts if the globe continues at its current rate as it will take well over 200 years before there is any major concern of negative conditions messing with the famous snow!

For resorts close to the coast like Whistler Blackcomb – global warming is a major concern as some years rain has caused major interruptions at the resort already, this may be common if trends continue.

How does this effect where you ski as a skier or snowboard? If we like it or not in 80 years times warmer weather conditions may effect where we spend our ski holidays. Its not a matter of skiing dying out completely, but do expect major changes to where you can ski and seasons of rain not snow in some areas.

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