How to make big tips ski instructing?

Calendar September 22nd, 2011


Being a ski instructor can be extremely rewarding. If you are a good instructor and friendly it is likely you will be tipped for your good work.

Follow these three steps to ensure you are rewarded by your good work.

1. Start easy.

When beginning a ski lesson, always take the time to talk with your client to assess his goals and current skills. Then, measure his abilities on a terrain that is easier than what he told you he was used to. This way you are sure that your client is relaxed and can warm up at the start of the lesson.

2. Cool down.

Toward the end of the lesson, go back to easier terrain. This will prevent injuries if your client is getting tired and ensure that he finishes on a good note. On an easier run your client will ski well and feel competent. If he feels good, he will be tempted to request another lesson with you. You get paid more for requests (up to $40 an hour).

3. Don’t run away.

At the end of a lesson, take the time to recap what you have done with your client and what would be the next step. If you are teaching kids, take a few minutes to explain to their parents what their children have done during the lesson and how they progressed. Don’t worry, you will not bore them, parents love to talk about their kids! This is very important as its always the parents who hand out the tips!