Why choose an EA instructor program

Calendar March 14th, 2016

EA instructor training programs are different to internships because they don't require you to get a work visa and they are fully inclusive packages covering your winter season, without the offer of a job after your training. You only have to have a quick Google to see there are a lot of training providers out there claiming to offer the ‘best’ instructor courses. In reality, differences between the main operators are minimal but be aware of what you should look out for because exceptional courses offer more than just a piece of paper to represent your instructor qualification…

Why is an EA Training Course better? 

World class qualifications
Get a qualification from an internationally recognised snow sport school. An EA Ski and Snowboard Training program at Big White or Lake Louise will set you up with a respected qualification from an internationally recognised snow sport school. Think of instructor training like any other qualification, there is a certain level of prestige which goes alongside some educational institutions, the same can be said for the snow sports industry. Our resorts have been specifically chosen not just for their huge natural snowfall and high quality training, but because of their consistency and recognition throughout the industry.  

Quality accommodation
Don’t settle for less…. Training program accommodation can differ a lot between operators, EA Ski and Snowboard trainees are offered warm, centrally located accommodation for the duration of the program and are provided with modern conveniences such as free wifi, cable TV, on-site café, easy access to bars and restaurants and more. 

The best trainers and examiners
EA Ski and Snowboard have been working diligently to develop the best instructor training packages for budding instructors since 2006, and as a result, have established long lasting relationships with some of the top trainers and examiners throughout the industry. And who-ever said intensive training can’t be fun? Because the EA instructor programs have added on snow flexibility, there is more time to get to know your local resort and neighbouring mountains with your fellow EA crew members during your training. 

Complete support
The difference with EA Reps is that they have been where you are… most of our Reps around the globe have come through the EA program and understand the challenges of leaving home and loved ones and embarking on the exciting new challenge of a winter season at a ski resort. They are on the ground with you in resort and as well as organising social events, they are on hand to assist you with any issues which may arise back home, or help with anything that pops up while you are on your program.

Limited positions
Because EA Ski and Snowboard Training Programs are so limited, they tend to sell out well in advance of their commencement dates. Due to the nature of the training provided, we cannot take more numbers as it would affect the quality of training people might get.

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“I participated in the snowboard training and examination program and it was the best time of my life. I learnt so much and met some great people along the way. It‟s been a great experience and I am looking forward to getting further involved in the industry. I would recommend the course to anyone as it gives you great confidence and self esteem, and it is a lot of fun!”
Peadar Maloney - Ireland