Jack Rowe Ski instructor course update

Calendar December 11th, 2012

Jack Rowe is currently in Revelstoke Canada, where he will spend the next couple of months becoming an instructor! Jack is on a ski instructor course with EA ski and Snowboard, he will be making us jealous with updates throughout the season while he has the dream winter!


After clearing customs for the final time I had made it to Canada, Vancouver was first on the cards. Having a limo take us to our hotel woke us all up and everyone was pumped to just be on the ground. As the lights of our hotel arose from the distance a shower was the only thing on my mind.

As we gathered in the lobby ready for the following day a group of us reminisce of the times had the night before, filling in gaps in the memories (thank you Vancouver for the awesome welcoming). The first day consisted of SIN numbers, cell phones and bank accounts (having no visa meant just sightseeing, shopping and cell phone)



After another night out to get to know everyone in Vancouver (on the EA program) it was time to head into the mountains, first Kelowna by plane where we parted with the big white crew then on to Revelstoke by bus, stopping to experience Cosco and to buy bedding where we all fought over the cheapest stuff.

After jumping off the bus ad settling into our apartments we decided to check out the night life and meet some new people in our new home town. The folowing two days were all about getting to know the town and for us to recover from our jet lag. A brief visit to the local recreation centre had us all practicing backflips off the spring board into the pool.

The start of training

Time to start putting pen to paper and learn what we are really here for - After intros and some exercises the day was over and done with pretty quick.

The following day was similar to the one before but we started getting into the 5 key skills and the 3 competencies theses points are essential to skiing and what we have to help the clients put together to succeed.

[caption id="attachment_6093" align="aligncenter" width="560" caption="The first dump of snow in town tonight as I write this"]Snow[/caption]

First aid certificate done and dusted, one day off then to the mountain for opening day and a tour of the mountain, everyone is so pumped to get on their skis and boards. I for sure cannot wait.