GAP Year Ski Instructor Training in Japan - Jack Williams - Blog 1

Calendar November 26th, 2014

Jack Williams has already touched down in Japan, and will be currently experiencing the crazy magic of Tokyo city! Before Tokyo, he managed to get down a little intro for us about himself, as he embarks on the season of a lifetime training to become an EA ski instructor at Club Med Sahoro, in Hokkaido, Japan...

Yo! Whats appenin! I am literally beyond excited to get out to Japan and get amongst this legendary ‘Japow’ that everybody seems to be talking about. Oh and by the way, I’m Jack, 22 and from Bath in the South-West of the United Kingdom. I have just graduated from University in Plymouth where I studied Sports Journalism. Now that chapter has closed, I am ready to start another!

Why I want to become a Ski Instructor
A summer or winter season is something that has always appealed to me. I was fortunate enough to go skiing with my school on four occasions and was hooked. At University money has been extremely tight (what with going out 4 nights a week and all that), so I have been unable to get to the slopes since.

What I’m looking forward to most
That’s easy. Just about everything! Indulging myself in a completely new culture – Pretty much all the holidays I have been on were in Europe, minus a trip to New York which wasn’t that much of a culture shock. I am ready and willing to embrace everything the Japanese culture has to throw at me from the food to the ethos and their beliefs.
Meeting new people – Forgetting about the other instructors and resort staff that of course I will become great friends with, there will be a regular turn-over of customers of whom I want to not only help become awesome skiers and have a great holiday, but be-friend as well.

Why I chose to train with EA
Another easy one, have you read the ultimate and ultimate plus bio’s? They are just that, ultimate! Every aspect of the package appeals to me. Obviously the fact that they guarantee you a job interview/offer (providing you pass the level one) was a deciding factor. Adrian, my direct contact at EA has been a huge help. Answering all of my questions (most of them stupid) within a day – pretty impressive considering at times we were working across three time zones.

The one item I’m packing I just can’t leave behind
Well that will be my bobble hat. My mum took it upon herself to knit me a hat with my initials on, so I think she would be pretty gutted if I left it behind.

And that is me – Gou ni itte wa, gou ni shitague

We're looking forward to hearing more from Jack as his season progresses, so keep an eye out for his next blog to see how training is going! If you want to learn more about the EA full season ski internships, check out more info here.