Jeff Ski Instructor course blog - Revelstoke Canada

Calendar December 12th, 2011

Ski instructor course - Fresh from Revelstoke Canada here is Jeff's blog, Nice Movembers!

It Finally Begins

So after years of telling everyone it’s all I have wanted to do the day has finally come where it all starts to fall into place and all the hard work seems to be falling into place.

On the morning of the 23rd the journey commences at 5 o’clock with me still half asleep so it obviously isn’t the best way I would have liked to start the trip. This isn’t helped by the fact that on arrival at Bristol Airport I am then charged with a £64 payment for my baggage being too heavy, but with limited clothes and gear anyway there is nothing to do but pay up. After 18 hours and a trip to Amsterdam my plane touches down in Canada.

On meeting the EA representatives and some of the other guys doing the course we were greeted by a limo to take us onto the hotel. Something we all weren’t expecting! I then meet some of the others coming to Revelstoke with me along with people going elsewhere in Canada.


Arrival at Revy!

As our apartments were unfortunately not ready for us yet we ended up arriving at the Powder Springs Inn, who have kindly taken us in whilst it gets sorted. There has been no complaints though with the use of free wifi, swimming pool, hot tub, evening meals and much more, so we have got a very good deal in the end. We then have a couple of days to explore Revelstoke, meet Dan (our course leader) and just get settled into our new surroundings, which didn’t take long with some people ending up riding local animal statues in the first nights. We also got our lift passes and people who needed some got their gear, which just got us all hyped for the course to start and the mountain to open! Some of us ventured to watch the Revelstoke Grizzles play some ice hockey and after some glares from the locals we end up having a great night, especially Craig once he got his foam hand! This along with joining into the local Movember party really got us in with the local culture.



A lot of this time was also spent finding out about the local pubs and beverages, during which we found out at the local nickname for the town was Revelbloke! So this didn’t please a large part of our group.

The serious stuff!

The time has now come for us to actually start doing what we had really come out here to do, our course. Our first two days were spent in the classroom doing theory work because the slopes were not yet open so this allowed us to get some of the more important items covered, but you don’t want to hear about that. Finally the mountain opens and with some people having waited since 7 o’clock the previous night there is a massive queue for the first gondola! When we finally got up on the mountain we see exactly what we had heard, that Revelstoke is the best place to go if you want powder. We then got to ride some great powder and even better tree runs over our first two days.


This had to end though and after a couple days of basics and exercises we would teach along with improving our technique we are now finally starting to make progress and look like instructors.