Jeffs Revelstoke blog

Calendar February 7th, 2012

Jeffs third Revelstoke blog fresh from the good stuff in Canada. Revelstoke is known for its amazing powder, epic steeps, pillow runs, open bowls, and miles of tree runs.

However the EA Revelstoke crew are also finding the good times after the lifts close for the day..

New Year in Revy!

Our new years started with us having a social gathering in one of our groups apartments, music blaring and drinks flowing. But time flew by and when we decided to head out it was already 11 so we couldn’t all get in, meaning we headed separate ways, some people getting in and others spending new years out on the street.

Me, Frodo, Shona and Ryan got into the Drop which had a great atmosphere but if anything dancing next to the speakers was just too loud, however there was just something animalistic about the fact we had to dance.

Therefore we headed to the pool table and managed to stay on there winning for a far time despite being badly impaired. This was helped by a benefit of being a ski instructor is that you know a large amount of the community and many of the people you meet are happy to buy you drinks. So all in all most of the group ended up having a great night.

Stuff you wish wouldn’t happen


During our time here so far we have had a fair few injuries, from broken wrists to concussions and tendonitis to hurt shoulders, obviously some of them being more sever then others. However this was to be expected by all of us when you sign up to do a whole ski season. We have also had some problems with our gear such as many bent poles, broken boots and snapped skis. So all of us have either had to buy new gear or for the lucky few done it by choice. However we have come overcome these obstacles for our love of shredding!

The good stuff

We have been lucky to get some of the best snow conditions since we have been here, with it now feeling normal to have 30cms of fresh powder ready to ride in the mornings!


This has resulted in us all having an incredible time and getting to ride powder, drop cliffs and do tree runs that we hadn’t even dreamt about, along with turning everyone back into little children.