Jeffs Ski Instructor course blog – Training and Exam

Calendar January 11th, 2012

The Course

We start the course with two days of indoor theory, involving talks from instructors, a run-through of the course, talking in front of the group etc, which as you can guess dragged along. It was however very important and needed. Then the real on snow training started, this coincided with the opening of the mountain and a lot of powder! Dave was our first instructor and just took us through the trees, in the powder and getting us to enjoy the mountain which didn’t take long at all! Next we had Nitzan and Julie who did the actual work on improving our skiing to their standards and getting us use to the teaching side of things. Along the way we had a lot of laughs, a phantom pole bender and a couple of expected injuries, but we all came through it.


Exam Time

The morning comes and as we all wait for the shuttle bus you can tell that everyone has by now started to get nervous, despite not everyone wanting to show or admit it! However once we meet the two examiners they make everyone feel calmer and more comfortable for the upcoming big four days. Throughout the next four days we all feel our skiing improve and start to feel at ease with the teaching. We all still weren’t completely confident as to whether we were going to have passed the exam or not. Everyone met in the Village Idiot restaurant to have pizza and find out our results, with almost everyone passing the night became blurry from then on.


Spare Time

During our training time we were still seen as part of the team, therefore we had to partake in Revelstokes Christmas parade on the ROC’s float. We all had banners to hold in front or behind the float, candy to hand out to local kids, wish everyone a happy Christmas and just be members of the community.