Jessica's 2nd update - becoming a ski instructor

Calendar December 7th, 2012

Here is Jessica Langham's 2nd update for becoming a ski instructor! Let the training begin!

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In 2 weeks time, after instructor training and the level 1 exam Jessica will be working as a paid ski instructor! This is all part of EA's instructor course she is on - check out full details of course here - EA Ski Instructor Internship

Holy moly! My legs hurt!

So we started training on Tuesday the 27th, (last Tuesday), and since then I have done seven days of skiing, and one of snowboarding, with one day off. Bring on the thunder-thighs!

On Tuesday we got split into groups of roughly ten, and my instructor was Darren. We spent the day just skiing around and getting a feel for it again. I was pretty certain that I’d be all right and able to keep up, but MAN! These people are good! At the same time, I was able to keep up and everyone was about the same level. It was so much fun to get back on the slopes. It wasn’t even too cold…relatively speaking. As we were skiing, Darren gave us little tips and bits of advice, which would help us with passing the instructor’s course…but I will keep those for me!

The rest of week consisted of skiing for training, receiving more tips and tricks, and trying to make sure that our technique is going to be up to standard. To be fair, the rest of training is going to consist of that…practice makes perfect! We’ve watched videos and gone all over the mountain, and it’s amazing! The World Cup Downhill and Super G racing has also been on for the first two weekends, so that made the mountain super busy, but also very exciting.

On the Friday night, all plans to ‘have a big one’ went out the window, as exhaustion caught up with us. The next day we were back in Banff, enjoying our one day off, and stocking up on food (this will become routine I think!) before heading back home and partying in celebration of our fantastic first week skiing!

On Sunday we managed to drag ourselves up to the mountain, and there is nothing like negative temperatures whipping at your face to aid your recovery! A few of us (skiers) dusted off our snowboards for a run or two, and were on our bums for most of the day. But it was an excellent and relaxing day off, and the change of discipline meant that we were doubly excited to resume training on Monday!

Starting again on Monday, our groups were split into smaller numbers with the addition of another instructor, and training geared up to become slightly more intensive. Our new instructor is named Ai, and she’s Japanese and tiny! But such a ball of energy. So much fun. The past three days with her have been fantastic fun, and training doesn’t even feel like training. I just need to remember to warm up my hands and feet before heading up the mountain!