Becoming a Ski Instructor - Jorns Blog #1

Calendar November 26th, 2015

Hi fellow travelers/adventurers.

Tomorrow I am starting my brand new adventure: Becoming a ski instructor in the Canadian Rockies! How cool is that? Well I would say very cool. As I am from the Netherlands, I didn't have any vision of becoming a ski instructor, but I am so excited to do this!

I am 23 years young and took off to explore the world and its possibilities after I finished my bachelor degree. I finished my degree in January of 2015 and started the long wait for the Canadian working holiday visa applications to open. The application was very straightforward, but as the Canadians can't make up their mind about visa's, the process and eligibility criteria are changed often. After you have applied the next long wait begins, waiting for the answer. But this gives you enough time to prepare properly, and begin saying your many goodbyes to friends and family.

Six weeks after applying I had my answer and YES I was ready to go. What I should tell you, is that I didn't know about EA at the time I left for Canada. I've had some pretty awesome jobs in summer, but winter came at me soon. I was working in the tourism industry, but most tourism companies only operate seasonally. So I had to find something else for the winter. I want to make something out of winter, not just work to pay to bills. I wanted to enjoy my work and get some new amazing friends to enjoy my off-time with!

That is what EA offers! There are lots of courses out there that offer certification, but after that it's up to you and very hard to get a job. Being in this program gives me the teaching experience right off the bat. So it not only gives you a guaranteed job if you are on a gap year, but also a lot of experience if you are looking to make a career out of it!

Since I already was in Canada I took off to Banff, because that's where my course is. There are lots of other places available, even other countries so EA can suit everyone. Banff has 3 ski resorts, known as the Big 3: Lake Louise, Sunshine and Norquay. My programm is on Norquay, which have a history with training professional athletes. Since it is closest to Banff (only 10 minutes), many locals come here.

Being here early I settled myself in the HI hostel Alpine Centre, which will be my home for the duration of the program. I got some gear together from the early fall sales, very sweet deals. I also got to see the transition of Banff from a somber fall town, to a white snowsport town with an awesome vibe to it. In the last couple of days, we had 40 cm of snow which are here to stay.

....But tomorrow it all starts. I am taking of to Calgary to meet up with the rest of the crew who arrive from all around the world. I am very excited to meet them all, and to finally start realising a dream. All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them!