Lake Louise ski instructor course blog

Calendar January 27th, 2012

Naemie's second Ski Instructor course blog straight from Lake Louise Canada. loads of ski improvement, and a tone of fun during and after the ski training.

The first part of my second week’s training was spent in agony with my still smashed up toes. My skiing seemed to be getting worse which was extremely annoying! However I’d had my boots adjusted, so at least my feet had stopped thrashing around in them so much. Customised insoles I highly recommend (even if they are on the pricey side at $130 a pair!!)! I also had the front straps changed, and had snowboard boot straps fitted to relieve the pressure on my ankles – so now they look cool as well as being comfier!

Pat was our instructor for the 2nd and 3rd week of training; we tackled moguls, black runs, and worked a lot on the 3 competencies and 5 skills of skiing. I’ve had a fair few falls (or ‘stacks’ as the Aussies call them!); on the way down ‘Paradise Bowl’ I think I spent more time on my bum than I did on my skis! But luckily Pat and the rest of my group were there to help me up! Here’s Sambo and Pat in the gondola!It was Kimmy’s Birthday on the Tuesday, so we celebrated on Monday night with lots of drinking and dancing. We started with a hall party, and then worked our way downstairs to the Stables bar (down stairs in the staff accommodation) for some crazy boogying! It was an awesome night! Although there were a few sore heads at training the next morning – oops!

The next 3 days of training were indoor based, which was a complete shock to the system as we’d become so accustomed to being outside all day everyday! We learned all about Banff National Park, Safety on and off Piste and all about the Ski School and the Lake Louise Resort. So Friday was the final day of ski training, and then tomorrow our exam starts ……Our Third week of training started; Pat got us all boot skiing – it was very funny watching each other falling down the slope, as it’s not the easiest of exercises! We were all amazed at how fit Pat was as well – he pretty much ran back up to us after every demonstration – most of us had to crawl back up the hill – of course blaming altitude for being out of breath – not the beers we’d consumed the night before!

Be back with another update soon!
Naems :)