Lake Louise Ski instructor training course - Maddy Johnson - Blog 1

Calendar November 18th, 2014

Maddy Johnson is about to fly out from Melbourne, Australia, to the snow-laden heaven of Lake Louise Canada, for an 11 week EA ski instructor training course. Check out Maddy's first blog as she prepares to head off!

Hey there! I’m Maddy, 22 years old from Melbourne, Australia and as I write this it’s hitting 34 degrees Celsius outside and summer is well and truly here. This means that it’s the beginning of the ski season on the other side of the world! After religiously checking blogs and snowcams of the resorts it’s nice to see some of that fluffy white stuff already dumping down and I am getting pumped! Sadly, as I’m a Uni student, I have to get through exams before hitting the slopes. Youtube, Vimeo and a whole lot of ski films (i.e. the back catalogue of Warren Miller films) have helped the skiing withdrawals.

Since I first strapped on a pair of skis at age five, I've always wanted to spend a winter in the snow and now it’s finally happening! I can’t decide what I’m looking forward to most, but it definitely includes the awesome people you meet when you’re skiing, the powder, and the chance to spend all day every day skiing.

I decided I wanted to become a snow sports instructor when I realised just how much fun it is to teach people how to ski. Over the past few years I’ve been teaching friends and relatives how to ski and it’s been amazing to watch them progress so quickly. I love teaching and working in some of the most amazing mountains in the world would be incredible.

This time last year I was starting to consider what I wanted to do once I finished my university degree and the thought of heading straight into the workforce or back into the classroom to do postgrad wasn’t really appealing. I wanted to go traveling and skiing, which is how I found EA. They had so many different programs spread throughout the world and their sheer enthusiasm for snow sports just makes you want to get involved. I found a program that fit around my travel plans and with a bit of help from the team at EA I was signed up and ready to go.

With only a little while to go until the program begins I have to start finding all of my ski gear as well as figuring out how to fit everything into my suitcase (this may be a challenge). However, I know the one item I absolutely cannot leave behind is my camera; it’s been around the world with me and survived. It’s shock proof, waterproof and takes some great photos. I’ve got a gopro as well this year but my trusty digital camera will still be at my side.

Lake Louise celebrated its opening day this week, so bring on winter!!

If you're keen to find out more about the 11 week training course at Lake Louise, click here. Otherwise you can chat to any one of the specialist team at EA for options that may suit your budget/schedule!