Mark White course Diary update

Calendar December 7th, 2012

Make White is currently training to become a qualified ski instructor, his dream job. Here is his first course diary update fresh from the powder at Lake Louise Canada! Watch out for his next update shortly!

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Mark's new office for the next 6 months

Well where to begin! It’s been a fantastic week so far and I have met so many amazing and enthusiastic people that have made this orientation week feel like a fresher’s week at university (an experience that I’m sure no one can have a bad word about).

We arrived in Calgary at the Westin Hotel, now I had been traveling for three months so this Hotel was the encapsulation of luxury, a far cry better that the hostels that I had previously been used to. As inviting as the double bed was, we arrived straight to the local bar and began to meet and make friends with amazing people from all over the world.


After a few wild nights it was finally time to settle down into some kind of normality and begin our training. Huge snowfalls had occurred the weekend before our arrival which meant that conditions were great at the office! Before each lesson began we usually had some time to explore the mountain on our own which is where we had so much fun. Me, Dan and Stuart decided to explore the top half of the mountain and I, trusting in Stuarts navigational skill followed him to which appeared to be a blue run at first glance of the map.

The run began very gentle however the gradient of the slope seemed to increase and obstacles such as trees rocks and copious amount of moguls began to appear. We had unintentionally drifted onto a black diamond run that caused some hilarious falls and some intense tree hugging for which Stuart was thankful of his newly purchased helmet.

The accommodation has been the area where you get to know each person as an individual. The dorms are shared with four people and all four I now know very well and feel I have known them much longer and it is hard to believe that it was only a week ago I met them.

The first day of training was basically getting our ski legs into shape and ensuring we were orientated with the Lake Louise ski area. The trainers were fun helpful and improved my skiing almost from the first hour of training. The most exciting and privileged part of the day was having the time to ski and be taught by level three and above instructors all of whom were excellent.

As you can imagine I haven’t struggled to get up every morning knowing what lies ahead and knowing I get to do something I love as a job. The scenery coupled with the company of some great people will make this whole experience an easy transition from any normal and everyday life.